Thursday, August 26, 2010

Learn how to Get Free Microsoft points, Games, Consoles, DVDs, And all sorts of other stuff from with points or Deposited directly into your paypal. ether way you get free stuff. It's completely legal and not a scam. Surf The site's forums or ask in the Chatbox on all the things members have bought with there points/Cash.

The site this blog will be focusing on is Points2shop it's a great Legal GPT site. it works because Advertisers pay Points2Shop for leads, and members provide those leads by filling out offers. you can redeem your points for anything on amazon and that includes Live point Cards.

Points2shop also has a "subsidiary" site integrated into it called "Cashle" Cashle works just like points2shop, accept you earn money specificity USD. you can convert your money to points or "if you are a gold member" withdraw anything over $1 to your pay pal instantly. I love this site for that reason alone.

Please be aware that the account you create will work for both sites. you will be able to log into ether one you want with the same account. if you create 2 accounts your accounts will get suspended.

First thing you want to do is pick what site you want work with. I suggest you use cashle first and then convert the money into points. i suggest this because some offers are Cash only. But feel free to do whatever you want. After you decided what site you are going to use. Head on over to any Free email provider, and quickly make up 5 new emails. Make sure you can log into all of them. because you will need to confirm some advertisers that you singed up for. Now you do not have to do this, you can use your own email if you want. But i highly suggest you use a different email for each offer you do. It will greatly increase your approval rates, and you will not have to deal with any spam email if it comes your way.

After you pick what site you want and sign up the first thing you might want to do, is head to the free offers.

The free offers will be your best money maker when you start out. They are pretty self explanatory. you just read the description first then visit the advertiser and when you are done you click on the completion button.

Now that you have finished your first offer we need to Erase all your cookies in your browser. if you are using Firefox there is an addon called "Enhanced cookie manager" that will let you erase all your cookies and choose witch ones you want to keep. you can also get CCleaner and use that instead. but i like ECM better because i do not have to close firefox i can just reload and relog into the page.

The Next Best way to make money/points is Daily surveys. I use these the most but they are kinda tricky. First you want to navigate to them.

You will then be greeted to a page that has a bunch of daily surveys that looks like this.

Even thou there appears to be Multiple survey Advertisers there, really is not. Amp Surveys, Mythoughtcounts, and Pr1407 all use the same Advertiser. So what does this mean? this means that if i do a survey with PR1407 for $50 i could have done it with Amp for $90. So always Do the most expensive surveys first and work your way down. The same applies to the other dailys.

A lot of people ask how to better their approval rates with daily surveys. well there are a few things you can do that will better your chance at getting approved

1. Always put real info in never use fake info the advertiser will most likely ask you at the end of the survey for the info again and if you mess it up you just wasted some time.

2. Do not rush threw surveys. some surveys i stress the word "some" have a timer set on the pages. And if you just rush threw them they will kick you out. I always wait for at least 5 seconds before i go to the next page. Some surveys do not care and some surveys only do it to half of the survey, so rule of thumb is to just take your time.

3. Some of the surveys like to put trick questions in the middle of yes and no choices. They usually say "select 5 to not be screened out" be on the look out for those.

4. You are always being screend! just because the advertiser told you, you made it into the survey. Do not believe you can just put any info you want. You are always being "screened", nothing is more infuriating than being kicked from a survey when you where 80% complete with it. so always be on your toes.

5. Tell them what they want to hear. i think that speaks for it's self.

6. Use new emails for each survey you do. you can use the ones that you used for the Free offers. that's what i do.

7. Clean your cookies after each survey.

8. If you use multiple GPT sites your approval rates will plummet. all the GPT sites use the same Advertisers. sure there are a few that probably have exclusive advertisers, but does that make sense to you? if you are an advertiser you want to be all over the market. so you will rarely run into Surveys or offers that are completely exclusive to one site.
Why is this important to know? because if you complete a Offer or a survey on one site and try to do it on another site, they will know because they log your IP address. and it could red flag you and get your account banned or suspended. it's up to you if you want to take that chance.

That about sums it up for now. this is what I've learned after doing GPT sites for years. Times are tough these days and i hoped this helped someone. good luck.